Version 2023-03-01

Terms of Service

These are the terms and agreements for the services of MochaWolfroo, between MochaWolfroo (“the artist”) and the customer (“the client”).This Agreement covers the initial, ongoing, and final communication of paid work of digital art (“The commission” or “commission”). Please read them carefully. By continuing on after reading these terms, you hereby acknowledge and agree to them. Clients must be of legal age (18 or older) in order to request a commission from the artist. MochaWolfroo will not associate or service with minors or children. If you do not agree with the Terms of Service, You may notify MochaWolfroo to stop communication about such agreement. This Terms of Service document may be updated or changed at any time, with or without acknowledgement to the end user.

Communication MochaWolfroo is a business and communication should be kept professional at any time. the artist will request one or more forms of communication, in order to communicate with the client before, during, and after the commission has been completed. One of such requests may be of a valid email address, in order to deliver the commission in its higher quality. If, for any reason, the client ceases communication with the artist for a prolonged period of time, it will be assumed that the client no longer wishes to continue with the commission with the artist. If this is the case, the commission request will be dropped and, if possible, the payment will be returned, if payment has already been sent. If the client ceases communication after the commission has been completed, a refund will not be made and the artwork will be kept until a response has been received. the artist and the client may have an online alias that they prefer to be spoken to as (i.e. in place of their real names). If the name of that alias is unclear, the artist will ask the client for the Alias that they prefer to be used.

Commission Guidelines the artist, MochaWolfroo, requires that the work requested is of a ‘General Audience’ rating. the artist will not accept any commission that includes, but not limited to: Vulgarity, obscenities, sexualized content, exposed areas of individuals depicting sensitive details, euphemisms, racially insensitive content. While in communication with the client. A reference may be required in order to complete the commission. the artist needs clean and <‘Safe For Work’ reference(s) to use that does not depict that of which is listed above. If such an image is not possible, the artist will request to have the reference(s) censored in the case of working in a public space or where the work is being viewed remotely via an internet streaming service. the artist will only accept commissions of characters that the client has proper rights to. If there is doubt that the client is using a character, who does not have proper rights, and does not express documented permission of use by the owner, the artist will not continue with a requested commission. Fan characters that are based on that of an already protected franchise (ie. Pokemon, Digimon, Legend of Zelda, etc.) have to be reviewed by the artist before the commission may be accepted. Once a commission is completed, there may be two files. The first file may be of lower resolution and marked; this is for sharing among friends and the internet. The second file will be identical sans the artist's 'watermark'. This file is for the client only. When sharing the artist's work via social media or means of uploading onto the client's personal website, credit must be given to the artist, by means of tagging and/or a link to the original work, where applicable. the artist may request permission to publicly broadcast commission for the client using an online streaming service, if the client wishes for the artwork to be on such a live broadcast, They can allow the artist to do so. However, if the client does not wish for the stream to contain their commission, they have the right to express that decision to the artist. the artist will respect the client’s choice. If the client requests an adjustment to a part of the work that is already completed, the artist may not be able to complete the adjustment. Such modifications should be noted at the appropriate time, when an image is given to the client for approval.

Transactions and Pricing MochaWolfroo only accepts commission work through paypal, as it is simple to use and secure. When the final details of the commission are discussed, the artist will ask for an email address to send a commission invoice to. the artist does not accept payment through the use of the “Paypal Me” service. If a payment can not be paid, the artist will keep the client in their queue, however, the client's artwork will not be delivered until the amount agreed upon is paid in its entirety. the artist will only accept partial payments upon request or on special occasions. For example, if the client requests multiple commissions and they only send payment, which amounts to the equivalent of one of their commissions. the artist does not do work “for exposure”, by any means of the definition. If the commission requested involves a complicated design of a character or a scene that requires more time than is usually expected, or if the client requests an expedited delivery, the artist reserves the right to raise the amount on the quote above the listed base price, as they see fit. MochaWolfroo does not work on a “First in, First Out'' basis. the artist does not rush commissions for a set deadline and due to the artist’s current life conditions, the time to complete the commission may vary. These conditions include, but are not limited to, free availability, local employment scheduling or the requested level of detail of the commission (i.e. full render). If the client requires the commission to be done by a specific date, the artist can prioritize the commission requested, however, they may request an additional fee for inconvenience if the requested date is less than one week prior.

Privacy Policy During the ongoing communication between the artist and the client. the artist will request a valid email address, which is needed in order to complete a transaction. This email may disclose personal information, such as a real name, in the case which aliases are used instead, and possibly the home address of the client. This personal information will not be disclosed to third parties, and, unless otherwise deemed necessary, will be discarded at the conclusion of the communication of the commission. This personal information will not be used to geolocate or personally identify the client and will be used strictly for the purpose of sending commission work via email (or in possible cases, where offered by the artist, postal service), and receiving payments from the client via PayPal. When sending payment to the artist, Information other than their given alias will be disclosed, such as personal name and city of residence. This information is sensitive and shall not be disclosed to third parties. In the case of using postal service to deliver goods, an address of both parties may be discussed. This information is sensitive and shall not be locally recorded in plans of future use, whether for positive means or with malicious intent. The artist, MochaWolfroo, uses an online service to allow clients to actively view their commission in the artist’s current queue. the artist will upload WIP (Work In Progress) Images, References, and details about the commission in order to keep track of the artist’s Progress. This queue is available to public viewing and anyone with access is able to view this content.

Artist Rights the artist reserves the right to refuse any and all types of commission for any reason. A commission will not be forced upon the artist by the client of any of their affiliates by means of blackmail, doxing, or the spreading of misinformation for the purpose of ill will. If such an attempt occurs, the artist has the right to refuse any future communication and business with the client in question. If “artistic liberty” is requested, the artist may work on the commission in any way they see fit. If a theme or specific feature is requested, the artist will make the best attempts to keep the commission with the specified conditions, as everything else will be dependent on the artist. The client may suggest changes to the work, however, if the client is unsatisfied with the final commission, the artist reserves the right to deny any more changes to the clients final product. For instance, if the commission work had a high level “finish”, and the time and effort to adjust the commission would be more work than what was paid for, the artist has the right to refuse to make the change.